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They are packed full of information about Beagles and what to expect as a Beagle owner.

Should I Get a Beagle? A Guide for The Aspiring Pawrent!

You can also order copies of both publications by contacting the National Secretary. Here is detailed advice for owners of this cheerful breed, which is adaptable as a hunter or a household pet.

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This total care guide contains colourful sidebars, boxes, and photographs that illustrate key topics essential to Beagle owners. An excellent source of accurate, in-depth information, The Beagle will help you and your family raise a healthy and well-behaved companion.

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Amazon Review: This book is a must for dog lovers. Informative and easy to read.

The Beloved Hound: The Beagle - Dogs 101

Heck, if there was a flag for pets, it would probably look like the coat of a Beagle. We told you Beagles are classic. Some people trace their origins back to antiquity and ancient Greece, making their direct ancestors thousands of years old. Beagles were not developed as separate breeds like many Terriers in the 19th Century; instead, the Beagle has a long and rich history across the European continent.

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This hound gave rise to another breed of dog that is believed to be a direct ancestor to the Beagle. We already mentioned the earlier ancestors of the Beagle in ancient Greece as well as the Talbot hound of William the Conqueror. These indeed play a role in the pedigree of the Beagle, but a more direct ancestor is the Southern Hound, a descendent of the old and non-existing Talbot hounds. The word Beagle itself actually comes from reference to the original smaller hounds of Europe.

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The pedigree of actual Beagles, however, can trace its roots to English royalty throughout the Middle Ages through Queen Elizabeth I, who owned a breed of dog known as the Pocket Beagle. Beagles enjoy good cooked meat including poultry.

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If you ever cook up a lot of meat for your dog, be sure to include chopped vegetables like potatoes and carrots in order to pack in the nutrition. You can get Beagles to eat a lot of high-nutritional content if you give them meat and poultry flavor they really enjoy.

Beagles are, however, very friendly and will respond to training as long as you can be patient with their learning skills — but the same is true with just about any type of dog. Depending on gender and age, you can expect your Beagle to range from pounds, give or take. For more information on a proper weight for your Beagle be sure to talk to your veterinarian. Beagles, as mentioned, are definitely not cut out for guarding you and your family, but they make excellent pets in just about every other regard.