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Be assured that PageAdvisor also guarantees a refund of your money should anything go wrong. Photo: Pixabay. A bad renovation experience was exactly what inspired the founder of Kluje to start the platform to give their users the choice of high quality home contractor and home improvement services. You can then view their profile, reviews by customers and get a quote from them before you make your decision about who to hire. Finding it hard to get off the couch to cook and clean the house after coming home from work?

You will need more than just cleaning or cooking help especially if you have elderly or children to care for at home. Agent Bong offers booking for cooking and cleaning assistance but also specializes in providing home care services like babysitting and elderly care. Although its name sounds otherwise, Agent Bong is more a platform that matches homeowners to helpers than an agency that charges agency fees, so no more having to go through the hassle and costs of getting a full-time domestic helper from abroad, which include levy fees and security deposits.

Quality teak wood furniture in clean, timeless, Scandinavian designs. By Scanteak. What's Trending. Click here to reach your perfect target audience! Home and Decor Singapore. These four home services apps cater to the many different challenges of housekeeping and managing a home: 1. Over the past couple of weeks I have received a large number of comments from landscapers stating they want to fill staffing vacancies with independent contractors. By hiring independent contractors, companies can avoid paying burdensome administrative costs that will improve their profit margin.

Yet, if the IRS or a state agency determines the independent contractor position should be classified as an employee, the company will face sizable fines, tax liabilities, interest charges and retroactive benefits costs. Employer control. The IRS has determined that an independent contractor can be a legal solution if the hiring company satisfies three rigorous tests: behavioral control, financial control and type of employment relationship.

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A company should review this form for every potential independent contractor. In short, if the employer exerts control over the worker, the worker should be classified as an employee. When preparing to classify a worker as an independent contractor, the company must ask the following 11 questions that correspond to the three IRS tests before making an advanced decision:. Actions to Avoid. As such, the following key actions identify what a company must not do when dealing with an independent contractor:. To accurately select an independent contractor, extensive consideration must be applied to the position classification process, the content of the Independent Contractor Agreement and performance accountabilities.

A situation with this much impact should be discussed with a qualified lawyer, human resources professional and accountant before making a final decision.

Independent Contractors Beware: Your Employer May Be Taking Advantage of You

Steve Cesare is an industrial psychologist with the Harvest Group, a landscape consulting group. Send your HR questions to cesare gie. Regional to international. Over the course of three hours, we talked sales, pricing, closing contracts, labor and regulations. What are you working on to stay ahead of the curve?

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Chris Kujawa: I think the biggest challenge is just going to be, in general, the uncertainty of the economy. We have it pretty well; a lot of our clients are the Fortune companies that are headquartered in Milwaukee. The upcoming presidential election are going to be a major factor. Labor for us has not been a problem at all. If we would put ads in the paper we would have guys come in tomorrow who are guys with experience. Materials, production, and pricing are not really a challenge for us. Maurice Dowell: I wish that people were just walking in our door, production line people.

But I do see a lot of Americans that do need work. Combined with that is the growing pressure to implement E-Verify. The good news is a couple things: Number one, all of us talked about what our revenues were, and I think that is probably the worst thing about the members of our association; they focus on the top line instead of the bottom line. So I want to get a bigger piece of the pie. So I just have to figure out how to beat my competition. And I like that challenge. Ed Castro: We had a lot of concern on immigration reform in the state of Georgia and in Alabama. Atlanta is a huge market, and the labor is going to be a problem.

We have 22 percent minority participation, but they are all new. They are all new. Trade schools, also. Not just college graduates. You couple that challenge with the foreclosure issue in the HOA market, which is a huge market in Florida. DE: I interpreted it as the retail rate for man hours. Kehoe was citing the prevailing rate for basic commercial maintenance in Florida. FM: People should be killed for that kind of number. And unfortunately I think that sometimes at these types of events like GIC, it almost perpetuates itself, because people start throwing out these numbers that are just ridiculous.

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FM: We can go to the dance, we can dance, or we can decide not to dance. FM: I think that that is a flawed philosophy. I think that you have to figure out how to differentiate yourself and your services from everybody else so that you can charge the appropriate dollar amount. We hate to do it but what can you do for us? But luckily our residential clients have been very loyal. TB: We do what we can.

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With the church we dropped 7. I bring it right up. Email him at cbowen gie. How low can you go? Existing clients want to know how you can nip-tuck that contract so the price looks svelter. So how do you compete and win in this stifling bidding environment? Managers make sure a job fits the company profile before bidding on it. Special attention is paid to these job characteristics before any bid goes out: location, property size and how the property is used retail, HOA, etc.

For Davey, this means more opportunities to bring on new business, Gaumer says. And it also means sticking to that prequalification process.

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Gaumer says another change is the scope of work requested from clients. Same goes for landscape enhancements and maintenance. Instead, Gaumer finds that winning a bid is dependent on providing the most service for the best value. Price is not something Davey will negotiate down just to win a job.

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Gaumer stands by these key steps to winning a bid that the company can service up to standard: First, prequalify the prospect, then perform a thorough quantification of all assets to be maintained and tasks to be performed. Figure in labor hours and equipment required to do the job. Manage the performance of the job and ensure the results live up to the bid promise.

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Finally, continue to focus on running a lean operation. When Bertog Landscape can show prospective clients what a professional can do for a property, winning the bid is that much easier. Quality costs more.

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