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As educators, we have dedicated hundreds of hours to developing materials, holding workshops, conducting programs and forming committees with the stated aim of addressing racial equity. This has been important work and we have learned probably more than we have done, if we are honest. Here are four lessons I believe we have learned along the way:. While these terms can be powerful, they can also become counter-productive when we use them to sanitize the challenges of oppression and marginalization.

These amazing words come from my good friend Khalif Williams, a heavy-duty, brilliant Black male educator. Khalif is saying is that, while we can conclude that intersectionality exists between poverty and racism, they are not synonymous. A Racial Equity lens helps us understand why my own son, with two parents with their doctorates, living in a stable, somewhat functional house and privileged to more resources than most of his white, black and brown peers, was adamant about being the first in our family to attend an HBCU. While he did not experience poverty in his youth, like his father, he did experience alienation based on his status as a young black scholar, like his father.

Clearly, the race issue is not the poverty issue in brown skin. In other words, most of us have come to have a healthy appreciation for the celebrations of Black, Hispanic or Latino and Native American cultures during designated months. In our decades long love affair with data, we have documented, disaggregated, sorted, filtered, presented, power pointed, pie-graphed, labeled, researched, argued, denied, validated, re-validated, cross-referenced, scrubbed and deep-dived into the data. Data is critically important because it tells us how fast we are going, maybe what direction we are moving, but it is often depersonalized and uninspiring.

If data moved people, then the scale would be our best tool in the obesity problem in America.

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The fact is that this struggle, like most, is going to take other human beings — their stories and energy. In a keynote at the ROCRestorative Racial Equity Conference in January , I discussed these lessons above as well as why the work for racial equity is so hard from a restorative perspective and some insight into moving forward. Muhammad is the founder and a Lead Team Member of Akoben.

Every struggle carries with it the opportunity to learn , to grow, and to believe. Make sure to use these three different perspectives every time you are struggling with something, and it would not take much before you start seeing the good out of any situation. Carlos Zazueta is a 21 year old hard working engineer student and entrepreneur, who has found his drive in learning and inspiring others. You can connect with him through LinkedIn and Twitter.

I really like this kind of post. It gives me an opportunity to study how to make a top post or quality posts. Your article helped me to remember and highlight the positive points you can reach in any fight. Definitely I will keep tuned with new articles written by you! Pospi Otuson. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. While multitasking is often thought to be an added skill, it tends to cause more harm than good. Focusing on one task at a time is more effective than having a pile of tasks to do. Researchers argue that you are more poised to increase your productivity by boosting your focus and avoiding multitasking. If you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over, you might be caught in a feedback loop—a cycle in which an action you take has a negative consequence that increases the likelihood of the same consequence happening again.

One mistake builds on the next. Everyone has goals for themselves in life. Sometimes, they are able to achieve them and sometimes they are not. When they are not able to achieve goals, anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia can take over.

Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement | Reimagine!

Mental illness often gives rise to physical illness as the toxins produced by stress attack the weaker areas of your body. Physical and mental illness might affect your personal and professional lives. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Here are 3 ways that you can look at your struggle so you can experience the positive effects that any struggle can offer you : 1. See your struggles as growth Life is not all about rainbows and butterflies.

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See your struggles as destiny Have you ever thought that you struggling with something could be the trigger for you to get to beautiful destinations? What is a struggle you have run into and how did you turn it into a positive result? Leave your thoughts below! Related Topics: fight for what you want grateful innovate lessons from failure make today a great day motivation never give up Positivity Smile struggles before success.

The Incredibly Harsh Lessons You Learn with Age

Carlos Zazueta. You may like. Acton Feb 6, at am. Marianna MG Feb 3, at pm. Munira Nassif Feb 1, at pm. Your words make me feel very optimistic in my future plans! Thank you 4 sharing..

Four Lessons the Struggle for Racial Equity has Taught Us

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