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And once again it is a wind which is sweeping away colonial rule: American colonial rule.

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If I had stood here just two or three years ago, and said that the American domination of Europe was being blown away like sand in a dust storm, you would have thought I was mad. After all, all the signs were that the colonists were winning:. When the Wall came down in , the Washington regime promptly broke its promise to keep the eastern border of Nato in Germany.

Nato, and American domination, marched eastwards. Only last year the Americans were establishing missile bases right on the Russian border. Growing numbers of Nato troops are even now being stationed in eastern Poland and in the Baltic States. The alliance thus played the same role in international politics that the Mafia did in Italy after being re-established at American bayonet point at the same time.

The resulting American domination of our continent has lasted exactly 70 years. Throughout that time it has appeared irresistible. And that appeared as true at the start of this year as it has been throughout our entire lives. But what appeared to be geopolitical concrete just a few months ago is turning into wind-blown sand before our very eyes. We saw the puppet regimes in France and Britain providing military and diplomatic support.

At a glance, it seems like business as usual. But look closer. Trump has fired two missile barrages at Syria. But both these very expensive fireworks displays were only launched after informing the Russians, with enough notice for them in turn to warn the Syrians to move military assets to safety.

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So despite the horror we all felt when we saw the Nato response to the Douma false flag, the reality is either that the USA so scared of Russia in Syria that it pulled its punches, or there was a real attack but it was blocked in a result which would have been deeply worrying to the Pentagon planners. Either reason makes the USA a paper tiger. The only areas still left to be cleared of the Jihadi pest are Idlib province and the stretch near the Golan Heights where ISIS and other rebel groups are supplied with military equipment, medical aid and air cover by Israel.

There is also a storm of political change brewing up in Europe. Not just in the East and Centre, where Viktor Orban and the Visegrad powers have already reshaped politics and broken the suicidal death-grip of the old pro-American liberal elite. The really important change now is happening here in the West.

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And the speed of the change is astounding. Obviously, there are many compromises and weaknesses in the new coalition being formed here in Italy. Italy, whose foreign policy has been effectively dictated by the CIA for 70 years, is suddenly capable of independent thought and action. And the storm rages on. In just the last week or so, even the most pathetic lapdogs of Washington and Wall Street have finally grown sick of being kicked by Uncle Sam.

But even the British, French and EU are appalled by the provocative stupidity. Because he has done nothing of the sort. Yes, he has pulled America out of the agreement, but the deal is still very much alive. On one side, totally isolated, we have America. And the crisis is only just beginning. Washington has set a six-month deadline for European companies doing business in Iran to get out.

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On May 11, the German chancellor discussed the situation with President Putin in a phone conversation. Today Angela Merkel is in Sochi; just days after Germany started to build the Nord Stream 2 gas project in the teeth of ferocious but ineffective hostility from the US. A trade war is just around the corner. How long can a common security front survive such tensions? Perhaps the most striking change is in Germany, a country which is of course still occupied by American troops.

It came out just the day after Merkel said that Europe can no longer count on the US, and must take matters into its own hands. There is even a gulf opening up over Israel. The European elite, by contrast, seem genuinely shocked by the Israeli brutality. David, I in no way wish to be critical of your fine article, nor of the publication as a whole.

However, if we accept your numbers, we are left to think either our politicians are ignorant or dishonest. We certainly have plenty of evidence to think politicians can be either or both of these. So, I don't think your article went far enough. In fact most of these sorts of articles don't go far enough. Just why is it that people we have elected to make very important decisions for us and for our country make at times very poor decisions?

It seems here in Victoria we have lots of evidence of rather poor decisions being made. I have some of my own theories, but I would invite you to consider this question. Maybe there is another interesting article in this for you. Posted January 12, In the case of the issues that I raise in this story, I don't think politicians are being dishonest.

Sure, but that's to be expected. Most politicians are just getting to the question of whether to take climate change seriously, and the issue leaders are currently working out what a serious response would actually look like. My best guess is that, right now, politicians make decisions on pipelines on the basis of ideas that are easier for voters to grasp than accurate depictions of upstream emissions.

Like the negatives associated with a marine spill of bitumen, or the positives of short-term employment in Canada generated by fossil-fuel exports. Do we need to redesign our politics to accomplish this? David, while I agree that politicians can be ignorant of complex issues, and they can look for the more simple ways to convey complex issues to the general public, I also think politicians are essentially idealistic, optimistic and get elected because they convey a large degree of hope.

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After all, who would vote for someone who was realistic and somewhat pessimistic? We want leaders who make us confident that solutions will be found. We primarily want and are attracted to outgoing sorts of politicians who have answers to virtually every question. Steven Harper wasn't very popular mostly because he didn't instill a lot of hope. Trump was popular because he seemed to have answers to everything. But once those outgoing, have an answer to everything type get into the nitty-gritty of everyday political life, they don't actually have answers to everything.

And in order to just make some small headway, they learn its necessary to compromise. I think the very nature of our western political system creates the context for impossible dreams, unrealistic dreamers, and then disappointed and disillusioned voters. I think its good for people like yourself to continue to put important alternate perspectives out to the general public.

But I rather doubt that a liberal application of "truth" is actually going to have a big impact on politics. Especially not now in the new era of Trump, and the death of the need for truth in political debate. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

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